Remarkably soft,  intricately woven long staple cotton is a defining characteristic of Tuckered linens.

Why did we choose our defining long staple cotton? It’s soft, it's sumptuous and it’s longevity makes it a great match for the wear and tear of everyday life. Our sheets have an elevated cozy feel, a fabric that is simple to wash and that will retain its form with a little hidden secret, the more they are washed the better they get.

Every piece of Tuckered sheeting is carefully woven in Europe under the attentive guidance of centuries old weaver tradition. Each piece touches seven sets of skilled hands before they are folded, pressed and ready to be laid. Each sheet will adopt its own character and softness, creating true personality and character over time.  Tuckered linens are incredibly breathable, making our sheets one of the most ideal year rounds sets on the market. 

 *  We take great pride in the fact that we use  natural dyes and that all of our products are OekoTex® certified. This certification marks out textiles that have undergone the international research and testing association's assessment in accordance with its stringent standards for textile ecology to certify that the materials are free of harmful chemicals, textiles are made from natural fibers whose material quality is carefully checked.  

                                                                Beautiful craftsmanship for those who deserve to sleep well

                                                                                            Tuck into life, enjoy your sleep